Obama’s Legacy

Thanks to President Trump’s (it feels great to say that!) first few actions reversing Obama’s executive orders, Obama’s legacy is disappearing in a little poof of smoke. This is how I imagine a classroom discussion of Obama twenty years from now during black history month (if they haven’t gotten rid of that silliness by then):

Teacher: Barack Obama is noteworthy because he was the first black president.

Young Future Shitlord: Well what did he do that was noteworthy?

Teacher: He was elected president. And he was black.

YFS: Yeah ok, but what did he accomplish while he was president?

Teacher: He showed the country that a black person could be anything, even president.

YFS: Yeah I get that. But the president is supposed to preside over the country right? Like, what did he actually do as president?

Teacher: Well we’re not really supposed to discuss that…

YFS: Oh come on. We want to learn.

Teacher: Ok, fine, but don’t repeat this outside the classroom. Barack Obama effectively created and supported ISIS, an Islamic terrorist group that shot, stabbed, beheaded and burned alive thousands of people in the Middle East, Europe, and here in the US before Trump, Putin, Farage, and LePen came together to extinguish them. He gave over a trillion dollars of US taxpayers’ money to large corporations in crony corporate welfare deals. He presided over the biggest stock market bubble in US history. He doubled the national debt. He turned the US military into a big gay orgy. He started wars with like six other countries and tried to start a second Cold War with Russia. And he forced a shitty expensive health care system on us that thankfully only lasted a few years.

YFS: Hmm, so what you’re really saying is that maybe putting a google in charge of the whole country isn’t really something to be proud of after all?

Teacher: Johnny, don’t be racist!



Pepe is a good frog. He wants to make America great again.

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