Alt Right vs White Supremacy

It seems to me almost every leftist “hate group watch” organization, journalist, and cuck news outlet that attempts to describe the alt right labels the movement “white supremacist”. Of course, this isn’t true. The predominant view in the alt right is one of white nationalism, not of white supremacy. Despite the apparent stupidity of journalists (what else is new?) who are incapable of distinguishing the two, white supremacy and white nationalism are very different viewpoints. As the terms themselves make clear, white supremacists want whites to rule over all other races whereas white nationalists simply want to have their own white nations and leave the rest of the world alone.

I find this particularly ironic, because white supremacy is basically the current system. Globalism is de facto white supremacy. Politicians in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, and Russia together essentially control the entire world. Whites only make up about 25% of world population yet hold the vast majority of the world’s political power. This is what white supremacy is. The white powers that be in the US (mulatto puppet president not withstanding) have military bases in 160 foreign countries. As evidenced recently in Iraq and Afghanistan, white national governments routinely depose rulers in non-white countries and install their own puppet governments. Neocons support this. Hillary Clinton supports this. The vast majority of politicians in white nations support this.

In essence, the very same people who are losing their marbles over the rise of the alt right and our so-called “white supremacy” are the ones who support actual white supremacy. We in the alt-right are not interested in ruling over third world shitholes. We have no desire to undertake the (probably impossible) task of forcing civilization on the ne’er-do-well races. We’d rather not waste our tax money. All we ask is to keep our homelands for our own people and leave the rest of the world alone.



Pepe is a good frog. He wants to make America great again.

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