The Muslims Deserve to Win

Exhibit A: Western white male (The term “man” is clearly inappropriate here). Testosterone levels those of a 12 year old girl. Liberal arts degree. Writes snarky blog posts from its parents’ basement. Never touched a barbell in its life. Would cry if it ever fired an AR-15. And only knows what that is because it wants its government nannies to ban them. Has only ever dated “strong, ambitious, independent” (read: dependent on government) women, and swears it doesn’t mind their massive fat rolls. Thinks a woman president would be great idea. Welcomes Muslim migrants and believes that white men are the cause of all the world’s problems. “Spiritual”, but not religious. Desperate to show off devotion to the liberal orthodoxy to its equally vapid friends through Facebook photo filters and myriad self-righteous comments of the “Wow. Just wow.” variety.


Exhibit B: Middle Eastern Muslim man. Strong. Dominant. High testosterone. Willing to fight. Has strong religious convictions. Knows how to use a weapon. Leads his household. Doesn’t tolerate faggotry. Raises his (many) sons to be strong, dominant men just like him.

angry muslims


Muslims are taking over the Western world, and frankly they deserve it. The white race has decayed into a repulsive androgynous slop of limp-wristed omega male pussies and fat childless career-oriented harridans whose miserable, meaningless existence only continues at the mercy of a herd of cats and copious amounts of Zoloft. White Western birth rates are well below replacement, and our aging population depends on pension payments that have been long since frittered away by wasteful nanny governments.

Meanwhile we welcome massive hordes of young Muslim men to come to our countries, and we pay for their every need with tax money taken from productive, civilized white citizens. They kill and rape our people by the thousands, and constantly demand we give them more. We give in to all their demands, and we blame ourselves for their crimes. Their women, unlike ours, don’t stumble through life trying to be men, and consequently their populations are quickly multiplying.

This is a war, and unless white men manage to grow some balls real quick, the Muslims are going to win. Western civilization is weak and decayed, and ripe to be conquered by violent savages from the East. The Muslims are clearly the superior force, and they deserve to win.



Pepe is a good frog. He wants to make America great again.

4 thoughts on “The Muslims Deserve to Win”

  1. Fifteen or so years ago, I was driving along Seven Sisters Road in Tottenham, UK, and was startled to see, on both sides sides of the road, about 150 tough looking foreign (they were dark skinned) men loitering. They were mean looking, shouting at one another, shouting down mobile phones, generally quite boisterous. I discovered later that they were waiting for a lorry to pull up with smuggled cigarettes, which they would sell, illegally, along Archway Road. Indeed I witnessed them doing that that too at a later date.
    Anyway, a few minutes later I was driving through Stoke Newington, and I saw two skinny thirtyish white men exiting the organic shop with their organic fruit and veg in brown paper bags.
    It occurred to me at the time, and I even posted on the Internet at the time, that in the clash of cultures it was fairly obvious which side was going to win. Do libtards really think that foreign men such as these will adapt libtard values? Are libtards really that conceited? It seems they are.

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    1. I’m getting the impression more and more that white guilt is driving white liberals suicidal. Look at all the articles with titles like “The White Race is Dying. And That’s a Good Thing”. Or that video of that white omega college student shouting down someone else saying “You’re a white male! Your opinion doesn’t matter!”. Or Matt Yglesias getting mugged on the street by “vibrant youth” and blaming it on white people. I think if these people were beheaded by ISIS they would consider it an honor.


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