The US Without Black People

Here’s a little thought experiment I came up with for convincing your cuckservative friends to drop the nausea-inducing “diversity is our strength” bullshit they’ve had beaten into their heads since kindergarten: have them imagine how the US would look if all the blacks suddenly left. Here are a few of the outcomes I considered:

  1. Significantly increased GDP per capita (and a more realistic look at how the US economy, absent the burden of the ne’er do well races, blows away European economies).
  2. Significantly reduced crime in all categories, especially murder (to rates comparable to those of non-Muslim-overrun parts of Europe).
  3. No more Barack Obama or his tranny.
  4. No more Al Sharpton, Whoopi Goldberg, Kanye West, Nicky Minaj, etc to infinity.
  5. Republicans win the Presidency and 80% of Congress in the next election.
  6. Immediate relief, along with enormous cost savings, of having to keep half the black male population in $70,000-per-year babysitting service in our prisons.
  7. Enormous relief of the welfare system, perhaps even total elimination of the federal deficit.
  8. No more (or not as much) having to listen to blaring rap, or whatever they call “music” when driving or at a bar.
  9. No more pathetic lamentations of white guilt barraging us from all directions.

You get the idea. The point is that diversity is obviously not a blessing. Quality of life in the US would be considerably better if the blacks were gone. Your cuckservative friends, no matter how tightly they want to hold to their brainwashing, will probably have to concede this obvious truth.


I will offer the disclaimer (this is for you, NSA) that I’m not advocating forced removal of people from their home just for being black (this should calm the new shitlords’ racing hearts a bit). I’m just acknowledging the fact that it would be better for everyone else. Unfortunately, our asshole ancestors saw fit to dump this giant burden on society for the benefit of a bit of cheap labor in the short term. Thanks a lot, Grandpa.

It’s clearly not the black Americans’ fault they were brought up in a white nation, so we can’t really blame them just for being here. And at the end of the day, individual merit is the only fair way to judge anyone. Some blacks pull their weight financially and are peaceful and civilized. I’m perfectly happy to live among those people and have no desire to see them leave. So here is my policy prescription: Replace all welfare payments with one-way plane tickets to Africa. Replace all prison sentences with one-way tickets to Africa. Replace all affirmative action programs with one-way tickets to Africa. Problem solved.



Pepe is a good frog. He wants to make America great again.

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