Black History

February has been designated by some pandering cuck as “Black History Month” in the US (hey, at least they chose the shortest month of the year). In honor of Black History Month, I present the complete, thorough, unabridged list of historical accomplishments made by black people:

  1. Agitated for sympathy from white people.
  2. Became the first black man to achieve (fill in the blank) that white men had already been doing for centuries.
  3. Invented peanut butter.

If you’re a teacher and are required to teach black history, now you can show your little munchkins this list and spend the rest of your class period on 4chan. You’re welcome.


Obama’s Legacy

Thanks to President Trump’s (it feels great to say that!) first few actions reversing Obama’s executive orders, Obama’s legacy is disappearing in a little poof of smoke. This is how I imagine a classroom discussion of Obama twenty years from now during black history month (if they haven’t gotten rid of that silliness by then):

Teacher: Barack Obama is noteworthy because he was the first black president.

Young Future Shitlord: Well what did he do that was noteworthy?

Teacher: He was elected president. And he was black.

YFS: Yeah ok, but what did he accomplish while he was president?

Teacher: He showed the country that a black person could be anything, even president.

YFS: Yeah I get that. But the president is supposed to preside over the country right? Like, what did he actually do as president?

Teacher: Well we’re not really supposed to discuss that…

YFS: Oh come on. We want to learn.

Teacher: Ok, fine, but don’t repeat this outside the classroom. Barack Obama effectively created and supported ISIS, an Islamic terrorist group that shot, stabbed, beheaded and burned alive thousands of people in the Middle East, Europe, and here in the US before Trump, Putin, Farage, and LePen came together to extinguish them. He gave over a trillion dollars of US taxpayers’ money to large corporations in crony corporate welfare deals. He presided over the biggest stock market bubble in US history. He doubled the national debt. He turned the US military into a big gay orgy. He started wars with like six other countries and tried to start a second Cold War with Russia. And he forced a shitty expensive health care system on us that thankfully only lasted a few years.

YFS: Hmm, so what you’re really saying is that maybe putting a google in charge of the whole country isn’t really something to be proud of after all?

Teacher: Johnny, don’t be racist!

The Destruction That Cuckservatism Hath Wrought

A simple principle of the universe I’ve divined from the Current Year culture wars is this:

If you avoid telling an uncomfortable truth and instead replace it with a comfortable lie, you leave yourself open to all sorts of less comfortable lies.

Race relations is a shining example of this danger. Traditional conservatives say: “race doesn’t matter. All races are equal.” Most probably know on some level that this isn’t true, but they say it anyway because it feels good and it sounds nice. It’s a comfortable lie. The truth, of course, is that there are large variations in aptitudes and behavioral proclivities among races. But this is an uncomfortable truth, so most of us don’t say it out loud.

But what everyone sees (except perhaps the most willfully self-deluded) is the results of the truth, not of the lie: that gross disparities persist between intelligent, civilized races and unintelligent, violent races. But since we (allegedly) believe that all races are equal in temperament and ability, this pretty much forces us to the conclusion that the greater races are beneficiaries of unearned “privilege”, and the lesser races are subject to systemic racism.  This is the uncomfortable lie that comes from the comfortable lie.

The innocent white police officers shot, the old white men set on fire, the young white men beaten up by mobs of “peaceful protesters”, the young white women revenge-raped, etc. over the last year alone are just a few of the casualties of this comfortable lie. I think few if any traditional conservatives intended such outcomes; I believe they were genuinely just trying to be nice people. But they are responsible all the same. They need to be shown that covering up the truth for the sake of being nice is not doing the world any favors.

Alt Right vs White Supremacy

It seems to me almost every leftist “hate group watch” organization, journalist, and cuck news outlet that attempts to describe the alt right labels the movement “white supremacist”. Of course, this isn’t true. The predominant view in the alt right is one of white nationalism, not of white supremacy. Despite the apparent stupidity of journalists (what else is new?) who are incapable of distinguishing the two, white supremacy and white nationalism are very different viewpoints. As the terms themselves make clear, white supremacists want whites to rule over all other races whereas white nationalists simply want to have their own white nations and leave the rest of the world alone.

I find this particularly ironic, because white supremacy is basically the current system. Globalism is de facto white supremacy. Politicians in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, and Russia together essentially control the entire world. Whites only make up about 25% of world population yet hold the vast majority of the world’s political power. This is what white supremacy is. The white powers that be in the US (mulatto puppet president not withstanding) have military bases in 160 foreign countries. As evidenced recently in Iraq and Afghanistan, white national governments routinely depose rulers in non-white countries and install their own puppet governments. Neocons support this. Hillary Clinton supports this. The vast majority of politicians in white nations support this.

In essence, the very same people who are losing their marbles over the rise of the alt right and our so-called “white supremacy” are the ones who support actual white supremacy. We in the alt-right are not interested in ruling over third world shitholes. We have no desire to undertake the (probably impossible) task of forcing civilization on the ne’er-do-well races. We’d rather not waste our tax money. All we ask is to keep our homelands for our own people and leave the rest of the world alone.

The Muslims Deserve to Win

Exhibit A: Western white male (The term “man” is clearly inappropriate here). Testosterone levels those of a 12 year old girl. Liberal arts degree. Writes snarky blog posts from its parents’ basement. Never touched a barbell in its life. Would cry if it ever fired an AR-15. And only knows what that is because it wants its government nannies to ban them. Has only ever dated “strong, ambitious, independent” (read: dependent on government) women, and swears it doesn’t mind their massive fat rolls. Thinks a woman president would be great idea. Welcomes Muslim migrants and believes that white men are the cause of all the world’s problems. “Spiritual”, but not religious. Desperate to show off devotion to the liberal orthodoxy to its equally vapid friends through Facebook photo filters and myriad self-righteous comments of the “Wow. Just wow.” variety.


Exhibit B: Middle Eastern Muslim man. Strong. Dominant. High testosterone. Willing to fight. Has strong religious convictions. Knows how to use a weapon. Leads his household. Doesn’t tolerate faggotry. Raises his (many) sons to be strong, dominant men just like him.

angry muslims


Muslims are taking over the Western world, and frankly they deserve it. The white race has decayed into a repulsive androgynous slop of limp-wristed omega male pussies and fat childless career-oriented harridans whose miserable, meaningless existence only continues at the mercy of a herd of cats and copious amounts of Zoloft. White Western birth rates are well below replacement, and our aging population depends on pension payments that have been long since frittered away by wasteful nanny governments.

Meanwhile we welcome massive hordes of young Muslim men to come to our countries, and we pay for their every need with tax money taken from productive, civilized white citizens. They kill and rape our people by the thousands, and constantly demand we give them more. We give in to all their demands, and we blame ourselves for their crimes. Their women, unlike ours, don’t stumble through life trying to be men, and consequently their populations are quickly multiplying.

This is a war, and unless white men manage to grow some balls real quick, the Muslims are going to win. Western civilization is weak and decayed, and ripe to be conquered by violent savages from the East. The Muslims are clearly the superior force, and they deserve to win.

The US Without Black People

Here’s a little thought experiment I came up with for convincing your cuckservative friends to drop the nausea-inducing “diversity is our strength” bullshit they’ve had beaten into their heads since kindergarten: have them imagine how the US would look if all the blacks suddenly left. Here are a few of the outcomes I considered:

  1. Significantly increased GDP per capita (and a more realistic look at how the US economy, absent the burden of the ne’er do well races, blows away European economies).
  2. Significantly reduced crime in all categories, especially murder (to rates comparable to those of non-Muslim-overrun parts of Europe).
  3. No more Barack Obama or his tranny.
  4. No more Al Sharpton, Whoopi Goldberg, Kanye West, Nicky Minaj, etc to infinity.
  5. Republicans win the Presidency and 80% of Congress in the next election.
  6. Immediate relief, along with enormous cost savings, of having to keep half the black male population in $70,000-per-year babysitting service in our prisons.
  7. Enormous relief of the welfare system, perhaps even total elimination of the federal deficit.
  8. No more (or not as much) having to listen to blaring rap, or whatever they call “music” when driving or at a bar.
  9. No more pathetic lamentations of white guilt barraging us from all directions.

You get the idea. The point is that diversity is obviously not a blessing. Quality of life in the US would be considerably better if the blacks were gone. Your cuckservative friends, no matter how tightly they want to hold to their brainwashing, will probably have to concede this obvious truth.


I will offer the disclaimer (this is for you, NSA) that I’m not advocating forced removal of people from their home just for being black (this should calm the new shitlords’ racing hearts a bit). I’m just acknowledging the fact that it would be better for everyone else. Unfortunately, our asshole ancestors saw fit to dump this giant burden on society for the benefit of a bit of cheap labor in the short term. Thanks a lot, Grandpa.

It’s clearly not the black Americans’ fault they were brought up in a white nation, so we can’t really blame them just for being here. And at the end of the day, individual merit is the only fair way to judge anyone. Some blacks pull their weight financially and are peaceful and civilized. I’m perfectly happy to live among those people and have no desire to see them leave. So here is my policy prescription: Replace all welfare payments with one-way plane tickets to Africa. Replace all prison sentences with one-way tickets to Africa. Replace all affirmative action programs with one-way tickets to Africa. Problem solved.

Pyschopaths and Degenerates

It has long been my contention that white liberals can be neatly divided into two categories: psychopaths and degenerates. The unbridled Machiavellianism of the Democratic Party elites, who clearly fall squarely in the “psychopath” category, is on full display in glorious Super HD in the recently leaked DNC emails. The best part, perhaps, is the emails referring to Hispanic voters as “taco bowls“. The Democratic Party (probably not unlike the Republican Party) is run by opportunistic psychopaths who apparently have no problem privately blaspheming their own professed most sacred of sacred cows: anti-racism.

The frenetically virtue-signaling degenerates who make up the rank and file of the Party will, of course, lament corruption in politics for a day or two and then subsequently waddle to the voting booths and get on their knees before their psychopathic overlords. But not before striking an epic pose for some dank modeling pics.